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We work in the Ecosystem of the Cannabis, Hemp, CBD, and Medical Marijuana Industry, connecting the dots and resources.

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Athletes in Cannabis

Our Services

Our focus is on business in the Ecosystem of the Cannabis, Hemp, CBD, and Medical Marijuana Industry. 

Our Services

Funding & Capital Raise

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Pitch Events

Live & Virtual

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Athletes and Opportunities

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Brand Consulting

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Live Networking Events

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Cooking & Nutrition

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Food and the Cannabis Industry

Certified Cannabis Chef Collins

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Premium Sweet Treat Edibles and Premium Spices & Seasonings

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The Future of the Marijuana Industry in America?

"It's the world's most commonly cultivated, trafficked, and used illicit drug, and as the push for legalization at home and abroad grows, marijuana is garnering significant attention from investors, manufacturers, and researchers. Despite the plant being illegal under federal law as a Schedule I drug, the U.S. legal marijuana industry was estimated at $13.6 billion in 2019 with 340,000 jobs devoted to the handling of plants, according to New Frontier Data. A total of 33 states have legalized marijuana for medical use, 14 of which allow adults to legally use the drug for recreational use as of March 2020. And that number may continue to rise, as more people are accepting the idea of legalizing marijuana across the United States"

Like the prescription drug industry and the liquor industry,  this industry is not going away.

Ready to Find Out More?

Our events are aimed at bringing together all aspects of the Cannabis Ecosystem to discuss trends, effective capital raising, and the future of the industry.

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